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March 1, 2010

This web site has been totally reworked and now includes addtional information on Burch popcorn machines.


Manley Popcorn Machine Forum

Although called the Manley Popcorn Machine Forum, it deals with anything related to Manley popcorn, including its precdecssor company--Burch Manufacturing Company.  So, please come join us and talk about Burch and/or Manley popcorn machines.

Sister Web Site:

Manley Popcorn Machine

Burch Manufacturing Company became Manley, Inc. in 1940.  Please visit this site for more information on Manley popcorn machines.

About Us

In the Beginning:

My interest in Burch and Manley began when I purchased a Manley model M-47.

Where we're going:

The goal of this web site along with ManleyPopcornMachine.com is to preserve the information related to these great machines and the company that made them.  Although the company (Manley) has been gone almost 20 years, many of these machines are still in use.