Burch Popcorn Machine

Predecessor to Manley Popcorn



Julian Burch started to make popcorn machine in Kansas City around 1922, under the name of Burch Manufacturing Company.  Shortly thereafter, he was joined by Charles T. Manley.  Julian Burch left Burch Manufacturing Company after a short period of time and went to St. Louis.  There he started making popcorn machines again under the name Star Manufacturing Company.  Charles T. Manley kept the Burch Manufacturing Company name until 1940 when the name was changed to Manley, Inc.  Manley, Inc. continued into existence until 1993.

In 1925 Charles T. Manley perfected his electric popcorn machine.  The electric machine replaced gas-powered popcorn machines, thus allowing the popcorn machines to be moved into the lobby of movie theaters.  Charles T. Manley's popcorn machines became popular during the depression as a movie and a popcorn was still affordable.  During WWII, rationing of many products including candy also contributed to the popularity of popcorn in the movie theater.

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This web site, along with the companion web site www.ManleyPopcornMachine.com exists to preserve the memory of this company and the popcorn machines that they made.  Additionally, this site hopes to provide information to keep these popcorn machines in operation.  If you have information related to Burch or Manley popcorn machines that is not on this web site and would like to contribute, please contact Ross at rf@bradley.edu.





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